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At Bolthole Retreats we have transformed the profitability of individual cottages through to whole country estates. 

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Are you looking for a holiday cottage company that will generate you what your holiday property is worth? Bolthole Retreats are a well-funded, tech-focused company disrupting the vacation rental industry with a unique hotel-like experience for guests leveraging cutting edge, cloud-based technology solutions. We market worldwide but specialise in the Cotswolds. We work with all the big players in the industry such as Expedia, Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, and many others to successfully promote your cottage.

Bolthole Retreats Approach

We use software to simultaneously list your property on our website and all the major third-party websites worldwide. The marketing budget of these companies runs into billions each year, swamping the ability of the traditional niche operators to compete.

As an owner, you receive 90% of the net revenue we achieve for you; our average net commission rate is 15% (inc. vat), which is 5 to 10 percentage points lower than our competition.

We create a pricing model for your property using our local knowledge, with premiums for Friday & Saturday night stays, holiday periods, festivals and other Cotswold events.

We continuously ensure that your property adheres to changing search algorithms of third-party websites to maximize its ranking against other similar properties.

Our software ensures that your property’s calendar is “live” across all these websites. This means that a customer can book in real time, 24/7, on mobile, computer or over the phone. It also means that we instantly collect a 25% deposit.

This all translates into pricing power for your property, which negates the need for last minute discounting.

What's the Reality Once I Join?

Our professional travel copywriters create an enticing story about your property; they talk to you and find out about your property’s secrets spots, background story and surrounding area.

Our professional property photographers capture your property’s best aspects, create technical floorplans and produce images in the required ratios for each worldwide website.

We offer free guidance on dressing your property for optimum photos, if this is of interest/desired.

We work in partnership with a Cotswold-based property maintenance company to ensure timely and cost-efficient repairs; it is not necessary to use our maintenance teams.

Our housekeeping team turns your property around as soon as guests leave so it is ready for next day/same day booking; it is not necessary to use our housekeeping teams.

We work in an orderly manner with your existing marketing agent to arrange a smooth transition.

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Message us to discuss either marketing your existing holiday rentals or tenanted properties that would perform much better as a holiday rental.

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