5 Romantic Boltholes To Rekindle Your Post-Lockdown Relationship

(Last Updated On: 22nd May 2020)

Here are 5 of our most romantic boltholes where a couple could spend a few days and nights rekindling and reconnecting… Once travel is permitted!

The Covid-19 health crisis is such a challenge on so many fronts, not least it has been reported that many partners are struggling to maintain a normal relationship. A romantic, post-lockdown recharge might be just what’s needed. So, if you’re in a relationship and desperately need some rekindling, grab a cuppa, or something stronger, and take a tour of 5 of our most romantic Cotswold boltholes…and dream and plan of better times!

Sycamore in Arlington, near Bibury

The Bothy in Arlington, near Bibury

The Dovecote in Saltford, near Bath

Shepherds Hut in Saltford, near Bath

27 Horsefair in Malmesbury

If your relationship is struggling during lockdown, Relate, the relationship organisation has some helpful advice and information.

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