2018 Travel Trends

2018 Travel Trends (Last Updated On: 28th August 2018)

The 8 travel trends to look out for in 2018


The world of travel is constantly evolving. But what exactly can we expect in 2018? To get the answer, Booking.com have done some number-crunching. 128 million real guest reviews and research from 19,000 travellers, to be precise. The result? 8 travel trends for 2018*.

1. New tech frontiers

In 2018, technology will continue to play a bigger role in all our lives – including those of your guests.
One area that’s seeing big changes is decision making. Nearly half of travellers (44%) will use travel apps to plan and book their trips, and 29% of travellers say that they’re comfortable letting a computer plan an upcoming trip based on their travel history. And half don’t mind whether they communicate with a real person or a computer, as long as their question is answered.
As technology’s influence on our lives continues to grow, we’re more and more OK with letting algorithms help to make our decisions.

2. From dream to reality

This year, travellers are dreaming big. 45% have a travel bucket list, and of those, 82% plan to cross off some of those destinations within the coming year.
Surprisingly perhaps, people are starting to prize experiences over material possessions – which is great news for the travel industry.
Experiences high on the list include visiting a wonder of the world (47% of travellers plan to do so), tasting a local delicacy (35%) and visiting an island paradise (34%). Other significant travel trends include a unique cultural event (28%), learning a new skill (27%) and going on an epic road trip or rail journey (25%).

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3. Retro reboot

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling that trickles down into travel experiences. Childhood holidays bring back the fondest memories for travellers, ranking higher than family pets or childhood sweethearts.
So perhaps it’s no surprise that a stroll down memory lane is an increasingly popular option when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. In fact, a third of travellers (34%) are considering a trip to a place they visited as a child.

4. Pop culture pilgrimage

Travel inspiration comes in many forms. Increasingly, travellers are turning to online sources and pop culture for ideas on where to go on holiday. 39% turn to blogs or YouTubers for inspiration, and 36% get their travel inspiration from films and TV shows.
The top on-screen destinations for 2018 are set to be Croatia, Spain and Iceland (from Game of Thrones), London (Sherlock, The Crown) and Los Angeles (Entourage).
Aside from TV, sport will be a major draw for travellers in 2018, with over a fifth (22%) considering travelling for a major sport event like the football World Cup in Russia.

5. Walk your way to wellness

They say the body is a temple. More and more people are combining their trips with some kind of physical activity – in fact, the number of people taking health and wellbeing trips is set to double this year.
Walking holidays are a particularly popular choice. As many as 56% of travellers say they want to do a walking or hiking trip in 2018.
Other sought-after trips include spa treatments(33%), cycling (24%) and yoga (16%).
Maybe this sharp rise can be attributed to a desire to disconnect mind and body from the strains of daily life. Over half of travellers surveyed (55%) say that holidays are a moment for them to reflect and make better lifestyle choices.

6. Economic intuition

Customers have always looked for good value. But as prices rise all around us, this is truer than ever.
Around half (47%) of travellers will take currency exchange rates into account when choosing their destination for 2018, and about the same number (48%) will consider the economic climate of their destination before choosing it.
It’s not just the general economic climate that guests are thinking about. Over one in four (26%) will go on holiday specifically to buy fashion items because they’re cheaper than in their home country.

7. The great mate escape

We’ve seen that in 2018, travellers are looking for experiences. One aspect of this trend is choosing who you travel with. And who better to travel with than your friends?
When asked who their travelling companions were likely to be this year, the group with the biggest jump compared to 2017 was groups of friends – rising from 21% to 25%.
Not only does travelling with a group of friends help you create unforgettable experiences, it also has financial benefits. Nearly half (42%) of travellers say that group travel allows them to stay in accommodation they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.

8. Live like a local, not with one

2018 is set to be the year of the rental home. 33% of travellers now say they actively prefer staying at a holiday rental (holiday home or apartment) over a hotel, and 21% would consider listing their home on a travel accommodation site.
As for the hosts themselves, guests don’t necessarily want them around all the time. While 25% think it’s important for the host to have strong local knowledge about where to visit, 30% also say that they don’t want a host who’s overbearing – and 12% say that they want a host who they don’t have to speak to at all.

*This article was inspired by research published on https://globalnews.booking.com/eight-travel-predictions-for-2018-as-revealed-by-bookingcom/.

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